SCS Unlimited Installation Guide

We are happy to see that our products have interested you and as such we wanted to provide you with a basic outline of instructions regarding proper installation of your new SCS sled wrap or graphics kit.  We do realize that it can seem complex at times and our hope is that providing you with this information will ease the installation process.

ico01 Receive Your Items In The Mail

The first thing that needs to be done after you receive your wrap in the mail is to remove the wrap pieces from it’s shipping tube and lay out the material so that it may rest for 12 – 24 hours.  In that time, please make sure that your snowmobile is in a warm location.  Optimal installation temperature is 70 degrees.

ico02 Cleaning The Machine

Next, you can choose to leave the existing decals on the machine or remove them with a heat gun.  However, make sure that the sled does not have any residue left on it after removal.  We recommend using 70/30 Isopropyl alcohol to remove any abrasive substance, dirt or grime.  This can be found at any hardware store.

ico03 Installing The Decals

When the time arrives to install, our best recommendation is to cut each specific piece out of the large print template so the backing material is still on the decals.  This will provide you with the ability to lay these pieces out on the hood/side panels to align properly.  Use masking tape to secure each piece temporarily so that you can align every piece on hood/side panels. 

ico04 Add Pieces Together

Once you have all of the pieces temporarily aligned, take a long piece of masking tape and stick it in the center of each piece and to the hood/side panel areas.  This long piece will act as a hinge for proper installation.  Once that is set, remove the backing material from one side (50%) of the decal and cut it away.  Then, work the individual piece onto the area going from center -> outward.  This will help eliminate any air bubbles and insure proper adhesion. 

Once one half of the decal is set, remove other half of backing material and properly lay on that half.

ico05 Recommendation

Another recommendation is to have an ample heat source at your disposal such as a heat gun or blow dryer.  You will find that the material is much easier to work with once it is slightly heated up.  However, remember to not get it hot, just warm.

Soap and water is okay, although you must ensure the decals have dried completely before exposing to cold weather (24-48 hours recommended). Products such as RapidTac can be purchased to assist with the installation.

ico05 Post Heat

It is critical when installing to ensure any and all air or water from wet applications is completely dissolved and dry before exposing to winter temperatures.

Regardless of your install technique post heating surfaces and applying extra pressure is also highly recommended for avoiding premature release.

Lack of post heating all surfaces would constitute as improper installation.