Joe Parsons

Joe Parsons

DOB: 1/21/88

Resides In: Yakima WA

Number of years riding: 19

Occupation: Snowmobiler

Hobbies: Golf, Music, Snowboarding, Good times.

Most Memorable Moment in Riding: Alaska trip with THC, Uncle O, and Friz

How did you get started in riding? My pops

Major Riding Accomplishments: X GAMES, 2 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Bronze.

Goals for 2012-2013 Season: X Gold

Favorite Track/Spot? Mt. Adams

Describe your off-season training regimen: Dirt bikes and 9 Irons

What pre-run ritual do you do or item(s) must you wear or have with you when you race (for good luck)? My mechanic Todd

Who has influenced your career the most to date? The SCS Crew.

Where would you most like to go visit in the world? The Egyptian Pyramids

What music do you listen to? Anything

Sponsors: Monster Energy, Ski-doo, SCS, HMK, FLY, Woody’s, Carlisle belts.