Gen4 Wide


Each section is numbered in the order we recommend applying the pieces. This will help ensure artwork properly lines up. For example, on the Exhaust Side Panel, labeled, start there. Then, move to and so on. This will help insure proper alignment, and fit.

Post heating! Use a standard heat gun or propane torch to heat specific pieces up to warm temperature, but be careful not to get too hot. Rule of thumb is warm to the touch. Once complete, re-apply pressure over the entire piece with squeegee to insure adhesion/bond to low energy plastics of snowmobile. Once complete, allow pieces to cool down and bond accordingly

  • Wet Application Recommended *Pieces include painted plastics i.e. hood & nose sections, tunnel & top of tunnel accessories.

  • Dry Application Recommended *Pieces include low energy plastic side panels, lower nose sections, headlight pod sections, and gas tank accessory.