SCS Unlimited recently returned from BRP Ski-Doo Club in Las Vegas, NV.  Club is BRP's annual event to showcase the upcoming models, technology, clothing, accessories, and advancements in their snowmobile category for the next season. This year BRP put in the time, and has some exciting things in store for 2016.  It is a great privilege for us to be a licensed partner of BRP's, and to be included in their global reveal.  Our design team has been hard at work developing a new, crisp line of sled wrap designs for the upcoming season.  

For 2016, SCS Unlimited has released 6 new designs: Nomad, Berner, Flare, Scribble, Katana, and the Stinger.  We feel that this years lineup is our best yet in terms of designs, and variety.  The colors are sharp, and the depth of design sharper.  All 6 designs are available for purchase now at

For more information on ALL of the new BRP Ski-Doo products, please visit:  Thanks everyone who attended this years club, and we are looking forward to another great season of sled wraps for 2016. Club3   Club1 Club2 Club4 Club5