Can-Am for a Cause

Can-Am for a Cause is donating 5 units to causes across Canada. The first vehicle donation was to Miller Zoo (supporting dealer: Mercier Marine). Miller Zoo is located in Frampton, QC.

Clifford Miller and Emilie Ferland were already taking care of dogs who had behavior issues when someone brought them a baby deer who's mother was nowhere to be found. They then realized that there was nowhere in their area for orphaned or injured animals to go, so they started Miller Zoo! The zoo has been open to the public since 2014.

They have animals from all over the world, from wolves to lions and lemurs to camels. Mercier Marine felt that the Defender Pro would be a perfect fit to help the zoo owners with their daily tasks.

Emilie and Clifford are very busy, so a unit with an oversized box and other great features would definitely help them move more equipment, food and water than with the other vehicles they currently own. Emilie and Clifford were THRILLED to receive the vehicle and absolutely loved the wrap, their main comment was that they would never have been able to afford something like that and they are very grateful for the support of Mercier Marine.

Can-Am For a cause Defender Custom Graphics