Catching up with Mr. Frisby prior to Winter X Games - 2013

Catching up with Mr. Frisby prior to Winter X Games - 2013

 Heath Frisby has been an innovator and pioneer for the Freestyle Snowmobiling movement since its inception.  His presence has kept the sport thriving for many years now.  He also had a direct hand in introducing the events into Winter X Games.  Over the years, he has taken home a handful of X Games medals, including 2 Golds!  At SCS, we are proud to work with this candid athlete and wish him the best of luck in his pursuit of more hardware at this years Winter X Games on January 24-27 in Aspen, CO.  We caught up with Heath to get an update on what has been going on in his world.  Enjoy!

SCS:  After taking home the Gold medal last year for Best Trick, what goals have you set for this years Winter X Games? HF:  I really want to continue to be creative and do things that no one has ever done.  I hope that I can continue to raise the bar.

SCS:  What motivates and drives you the most when setting these goals? HF:  I want to win and I love coming up with new tricks!

SCS:  What tricks are you planning on unveiling at Winter X Games 2013? HF:  I have been working on an Under Flip.  After I figured out how to do it, I have been working on many different variations of it.  I am excited about it and think that the fans will be too.

SCS:  What was your off-season like this year? HF:  I took a few months off this summer to enjoy myself.  I got married and enjoyed a lot of quality time with my wife and family.

SCS:  What other plans do you have in store for 2013?  Any updates for us? HF:  For the winter, I will be doing some of the same events as in the past.  I will also be attending the Masters of Dirt in Vienna, Austria.  My hopes for the summer were to break into the side by side vehicle scene and do some races along with a few trips to the sand dunes.

SCS:  Knowing that your equipment works and looks great is a big mental boost for most athletes.  Tell us how your custom SCS Sled Wrap helps you as an athlete and adds to your program? HF:  I love working with SCS.  Devin Karr and Josh Watkins have always designed something new and fresh to make my sled look amazing.  I think that my graphics for this years Games are the best looking yet!  It is also great to see so many fans buying my wraps and showing their support.  Thanks to all of them!

SCS:  Special thanks to anyone? HF:  My wife, Linnae.  All my friends and family.  The fans.  Last but not least, Ski-Doo, Monster Energy, Oakley, WPS and everyone at SCS Unlimited Inc.

SCS:  Best of luck Heath!  Can't wait to see what you have in store! HF:  Thanks boss! Be sure to check out all the updates, schedules, athletes and additional information about ESPN Winter X Games 2013 here!