As most of you already know, this past ESPN Winter X Games saw a lot of historic moments.  Shaun White's perfect 100 score in Superpipe.  An emotional dedication to Sarah Burke.  However, Heath Frisby made snowmobile and Winter X Games history on Sunday night by landing the FIRST EVER front flip to snow on a snowmobile.  SCS Unlimited was on hand to witness this incredible feat and here is what Heath had to say about the entire flip experience. By Tyler Tobin.  Photos courtesy of Devin Karr and Josh Watkins.

1 - Heath, first ever front flip landed on a snowmobile at Winter X Games 2012.  Can you even begin to describe what you are feeling right now?  Has the experience of it all truly set in or are you still on cloud nine? I am enjoying it all and just very thankful for all the friends, family, and sponsors that are reaching out and helping me.

2 - We just touched base with your teammate Joe Parsons, and we know that you and him had spent a great deal of time training for X Games.  Do you attribute the success of the front flip to the chemistry that you and him had coming into X Games?
I do.  Joe, his wife Bailey, Wild Bill his dad, Polly his mom, were side by side with me through this entire process.  I can't explain how thankful I am for their help.  They are amazing.
3 - When did you decide that your trick of choice at Winter X 2012 was going to be a front flip?
I decided at the Monster Energy Cup that I needed to step up and do it.
4 - In preparing for the trick, can you walk us through all of the steps you took to make the trick a reality?  We know that you basically lived in Parson's foam pit but was there anything additional off-the-sled that you did as well?
Joe and Bailey filmed everything and we would meet at the shop at night to make corrections to the sled and watch the videos.
5 - Walk us through what you were feeling the day of the competition and right before you hit the ramp?
I was definitely nervous.  Felt sick to my stomach.  I knew I could do it but I had so much going on around me which made it stressful.
6 - You had brought up a great point that athletes cannot describe the feeling they get after a huge goal has been made.  Is this the biggest accomplishment in your career?
I have never been so excited about what I have achieved.  This has been an amazing accomplishment and the best part about all of it was just the feeling that my whole crew; the parsons family, my family and friends, were just as involved mentally and physically as I was.
7 - In your opinion, had Hoyer landed the double back flip, how do you think the front flip would have stacked up to it, score wise?  What is it about the trick that makes it so much different then the double back flip?
I knew what was going to happen there and I researched scores and the front flip beat a double backflip, and nac-nac flip at Summer X Games and that is why I chose it.  It sucks because you are blind the whole time even when you land.  Everything is in reverse so you need to kind of switch your method of thinking and approach toward the trick.
8 - You have been in this sport since its inception, what do you take away from this experience and where do you see the sport going from here?
I don't know but I'm sure there will be more things to come.  Amazing things I am sure.
9 - What else do you have in store for 2012? 
I am working a lot on filming with Parsons and Slednecks.  I also have a ton of stuff to do for Ski-Doo and the Freeride ambassador program.
10 - Shout outs?
I would like to thank my fiancé Linnae, Cam Garrison, Keith Clow, Keith Sayers, Willie Elam and family, Alex Dunstan and the entire MONSTER ENERGY family, Ski-Doo, everyone at SLEDNECKS, last but for sure hands down most importantly, the PARSONS family.  Joe stood beside me through this entire project and even on the drive home I couldn't have done it without you buddy, thank you so much.  And Wild Bill, I sure am glad I don't have to quit and be a brain surgeon. Bailers you are one hell of a camera lady.  Finally, Winston the one-eyed cat was not harmed in the filming and is now a YouTube sensation haha!
And all you crazy kids at SCS Unlimited.