Joe Parsons has been on an Winter X Games terror since he first started doing Freestyle a number of years ago.  At this most recent Winter X Games, Parsons rode with his usual, flawless style and captured a Silver in Freestyle and Bronze in Best Trick to add to his ever-growing collection of X Games medals.  Here is a few words with Mr. Parsons after it was all said and done.  By Tyler Tobin.  Photos courtesy of Devin Karr and Josh Watkins.

1 - Congrats on the X Games hardware.  Silver in Freestyle and Bronze in Best Trick.  Gold aside, it must have felt good to medal in both disciplines.  How did you feel the weekend went for you as a whole? I am very happy with how the weekend went.  I feel like I may have left a little on the table in freestyle, but cant complain about what was accomplished.


2 - What was your off-season training/prep regimen coming into X-Games?  We know that you and Frisby had been training a lot together.  Can you take us through the past few months?Yes.  Heath and I worked together for a solid month before X.  He was focused on the front flip and best trick, while I was focusing on freestyle.  It was a great combo because we were able to be very selfless in this way because when we weren't focusing on our own stuff, we could put all our energy in helping one another progress.


3 - You always bring the smooth style and big extensions.  Do you feel like this course at X played into your favor?  Or were there certain things you wished were different? I think the course played into my favor with the up and down hill hits, as well as a lot of off camber in runs. It was definitely a rider's course.
4 - You brought a new flip trick to X this year.  Can you describe what it is and what you named it? Yeah, it is called the Gator Wrestler. This is another example of how Heath and I helped each other progress. He was watching my No Footed Can Flips and suggested I extend them and hold them longer. Quickly the result was my body floating into a Nine O'Clock Nac position and a new flip trick.
5 - You had said in an interview that Heath helped you with Freestyle and you helped him with Best Trick.  You two make a successful combination when it comes to work ethic.  Why do you think that is? I think it works because we have been great friends for over ten years, we have always worked well together.  We also like to see each other succeed and achieve our goals.  What we were able to achieve this year was amazing, and neither of us could have done it alone.  I am so proud to work along side Heath and am just as excited about his successes as I am my own.
6 - How did you feel coming into Best Trick with your new flip combo?  Were your expectations higher or were you pumped with the Bronze? I am just really happy with how the trick progressed and it feels so awesome to execute.  I love the look and style and can't wait to see what's next.
7 - What else do you have planned for 2012?  Projects? Contests? Demos? Secret stuff?Heath and I are going to have some fun, ride the mountains, take a filming trip to Alaska, revamp our foam pit here in Washington and keep this momentum we have rolling into next year.
8 - Anybody that you would like to take the time to thank?
My wife Bailey is a huge inspiration to me.  She helps me achieve my goals and keep my feet on the ground.  I could not do this without her help.  In a way, I owe my entire career in freestyle to Heath.  He has helped me from the beginning, inspires me to push myself and is a great friend. Monster Energy is an amazing company.  They put their athletes in a position to succeed and I can't thank them enough.  SCS has had my back from day 1 and I want to thank you guys for that.  HMK, Kirk you have an amazing family, company and you are no slouch yourself.  509 and Woody's, we have had a long lasting relationship and your support is very appreciated.
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