Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give you guys a little update on what I've been doing this summer as it has been jam packed.  Last month, we finished up 10 straight days at the Calgary Stampede.  We were riding in front of 22,000 people a night.  That show gets better and better every year and am so fortunate that they keep having me and my crew back each year.  After Calgary, we headed to Fort Lewis McChord Military Base in Tacoma, WA for a Red Bull Jams demo.  This was a great event as Red Bull certainly knows how to put on a show.  Sean Nielsen, Ted Culbertson and myself rode out there.  The fans were awesome and Tacoma is an awesome city to go to for a demo.  Evel Knievel days followed.  Each year this is probably my favorite event as I get to showcase an awesome freestyle show in front of my hometown.  This year was a great turnout and the riders we had were first class.  Taka Higashino, Nick Dunne, Teddy Culbertson, Russ Warren, Kenny Bell, Drake McElroy and myself were all ripping the ramps up in front of the Butte crowd which was louder then ever.  Thanks to everyone for showing their support.  It continues to amaze me what that event is growing into. As I write this, we are in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the PNE doing 3 shows a day for 17 straight days.  The Evolution of Extreme is the name of the shows for us and the turnout is phenomenal.  Heath Frisby, Teddy Culbertson and myself are here so if you are in the area, come on by and say hello.  Check out these 2 videos that I have put together from the Calgary Stampede and Evolution of Extreme.....ENJOY!! Calgary Stampede Evolution of Extreme 'Til next time!  Thanks for the support.

- Keith Sayers