By Tyler Tobin

Photos Courtesy of Garth Milan MCG This years ESPN Summer X Games saw some amazing feats accomplished by various extreme sports athletes.   From Bob Burnquist's Gold Medal in Skateboard Big Air, Jamie Bestwick's Vert Six-Peat Gold to last but not least, Taka Higashino's Gold Medal performance in Moto X Freestyle.  The competition was fierce this year and Taka was poised to show the world that he was the #1 FMX athlete.  He put in the time, sacrifice and work to accomplish his goal of Gold.  SCS Unlimited could not be any more happy for the Japanese athlete and here is what he had to say after the event.

SCS:  First off, congratulations on your EPIC X Games Weekend!  You must be very excited with the outcome.  Has it all set in yet?  How are you feeling? TH:  Thanks!  I still can't believe that happened.  I felt that I could get a medal before X Games but not the gold!  This is crazy!

SCS:  You stepped your game up big this year, especially with the new Rock Solid back flip.  Walk us through your preparation leading up to X Games?  What do you attribute your success to? TH:  I am not quite sure.  Every year I need to have a new trick.  I don't want to be the same rider every year.  I tried the trick in the foam pit a month before X Games.  After I made it in pit, I took it to dirt and continued to do the trick every day up til X.  If there was one little mistake, I can't ride X Games.  But, I didn't think about that.  I tried as hard as I can.  That way, when X Games was here I would not be nervous because I could think of how much I practiced and how hard I tried.  That thinking made me trust myself more.

SCS:  The competition this year seemed to be tougher than ever.  How did you feel prior to the Freestyle Event?  Were you confident that your run would put you on top? TH:  For sure!  The Rock Solid flip make me have good score.  But, at the beginning of this year I changed the style on all my tricks.  That helped a lot and gave me more motivation.

SCS: I understand that we will be seeing you at Evel Knievel Days in Butte, MT this July?  Are you excited for the trek up to Montana? TH:  Yes, I have never been to Montana.  Am so excited to ride there and visit.

SCS:  In the meantime, you are probably looking forward to some down time.  Any plans or adventures? TH:  No.  The Gold Medal at Freestyle was my ultimate goal.  For the rest of my dirt bike career, I just want to ride and have fun!  The fun riding makes me have more motivation to always be improving!

SCS:  After this X Games, I am sure that the remainder of 2012 is going to be busy for you.  What else do you have in store in the coming months? TH:  I already had an offer to ride a show before X Games.  I leave tomorrow for Mexico to ride in the Nuclear Cowboyz tour.  After next week, I have a Famous Stars and Straps show in California.  Then, Montana for Evel Knievel days.  Last, in August, I ride in France for 3 weeks.

SCS:  Thanks a bunch for the words Taka.  Go celebrate!  Any shout-outs? TH:  Thanks SCS!  Best graphics ever! [nggallery id=72]