Hi All,

This update is 2 weeks early, but short and sweet! The last time we talked I was heading down to Mexico for an X-Pilots Contest. Well, we killed it down there and took home a win for the first stop of the tour! I am pretty excited about how I rode and the placement was just icing on the cake. It was one of the first events where everything came together and every trick was spot on. Thank you all for the great support!! Being my own mechanic, trainer, truck driver, secretary, and rider, all of your help plays a huge roll in my program, so thank you very much!! For the month of April, I will be heading down to San Diego to jump for Red Bull at the Padres game on the 9th and then heading out on the 18th for another stop on the X-Pilots tour. I’ve been practicing a lot and plan to do so up until the 18th and have already learned a new trick to bring at the next stop. I will keep you all posted on progress.

Have a great Spring! -RK

backflip_variation x-pilots-flags backflip_variation2 whip-photo