Thoughts from Tony Squindo

Thoughts from Tony Squindo

The world of graphic design, and art is ever expanding.  It is infinite.  Elements are always changing, and companies are always looking for that next great look.  We, at SCS Unlimited, are constantly striving to create cutting edge designs that are a step above the rest.  

However, a fresh eye never hurts.  This is why we decided to build a relationship with famed artist Tony Squindo.  As you may or may not know, we got in touch with Tony about a year and a half ago, and discussed the possibility of having him create some artistic designs to be used on our sled wraps.  

To give you a quick run down on Tony, he is from New Jersey, and is a talented artist that specializes in motor head, skull type artwork. His career has spanned multiple decades and a great break came in 1999 when he met Lars Ulrich from Metallica.  Their relationship grew into a business partnership that saw Tony create the majority of Metallica's graphics.  Everything from posters, tour merchandise, toys, to shifter knobs, was done by Tony.  This relationship spurred more band relationships with bands like: The Ramones, Misfits, Korn, and Green Day.  Fast forward to today, Tony is solely focused on his own artwork.  He creates some amazing things and we are so proud to have formed this relationship.  

We thought it would be interesting to hear his background on where he got the inspiration for the 4 sled wrap designs he made for us.  Here are his thoughts on each:



Ever since I could remember, I've been fascinated with monsters and folklore.  Growing up in New Jersey, we camped almost every summer, and spent every winter on the slopes of New England.  During the summer, sitting around campfires in southern New Jersey, my pop would fill our heads with the stories of the Jersey Devil, the half man/half demon beast that wandered the pine forest.  Every winter on the chair lifts, we were told of the abominable snowman and although he is not really a Northeast kind of snow monster, the stories kept us on the edge of the chair lift seat and always an eye out for any strange movements in the snow covered hills.  Looking back, I'm sure it was just a good way to keep us kids quiet and from wandering off, but they stuck in my head throughout the years.  I still keep a lookout just in case either of those monsters should ever wander by.


Squindo_MasterLaboratory_XM_RenderFrankenstein's monster has always been my favorite of all the classics.  From the 1931 Boris Karloff to 1974 Young Frankenstein, and the Munsters, all had me hopeful to stumble across the secret laboratory behind the bookshelf, hidden passageways, and trap doors throughout the spooky walls of some decrepit old house (and we explored many).  Anything was possible down there.  The evil genius' creations and dreams all coming to life among the test tubes of some bubbling green mysterious ooze, sparks, and buzzing of the Jacobs ladder.  Not exactly the same and maybe no secret passage yet but my green walled basement studio is where I spend most of my days and nights!


Squindo_DragSki_ProRMKIn the summer of 1979, my uncle drove me to the first annual old time drags in Englishtown, New Jersey in his 1929 roadster.  I was already into hot rods but this was my first time in the passenger seat!  As we raced down the highways and country roads to the drag strip, I know this was something that I never wanted to end.  That day of vintage style, and heart-pounding speed laid the floor plan of my future.  From that day on, I was either under a hot rod or drawing one. Whether on the street or snow, the rush is all the same!


Squindo_DooSkulls_ProClimb_Render2013 was my year of the SKULL!  I was going through some extremely tough times, and decided I needed something to keep my mind occupied and pencil moving.  So each day of the year, without fail, I created some sort of skull art.  Some of the rough sketches of my 'skull therapy' evolved into what became the Doo Skulls design.  By the end of the year, I had all I needed to print my first book as well as a pretty cool snowmobile design.

Be sure to check out all of Tony's great work on his website:  We thank him for helping us with this article.  Hope you all have enjoyed the read!  'Til the next one, get excited for winter!