Update from Brody Wilson

Update from Brody Wilson

For those of you who don’t know Brody Wilson, you should start reading up. He has been doing big things, quietly, in the FMX world and is making a solid name for himself. The Massachusetts native is known for his great style and huge extensions. He possesses skills outside of the ramp and shows it in his many film clips. Most notably, he filmed with Jay Schweitzer and Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg in his latest project, Twitch’s 420% All-Natural. This film focused on the roots of freestyle and how it all originated in the hills. Twitch put together an all-star list of riders to highlight this unique film. Brody had an amazing part in it and threw down some huge jumps. If you have not bought this film, be sure to get it here!

Brody sent us an update on what he has been up to and what he has planned for 2013. Check out the photos and video as well.

BW: So this past summer was really busy for me. I rode a lot of big events in Europe including the Finist Air Show in France and the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England. Those shows went awesome! They had huge crowds and good times! Also, I did the last Nuclear Cowboyz event for the season in Monterrey, Mexico. In August, my dad and I bought a mobile landing so I can start setting up my own shows. I ended up getting to use it at my towns 250th anniversary! I have never been able to do a show in my hometown so I was pumped on that!

Shortly after that I had some bad luck. I was working on body varials in the foam pit and ended up missing the grabs on one of them. I landed on top of the bike, broke my scaphoid, dislocated my lunate bone, and tore the ligaments holding those together. I needed surgery to fix that and it kept me off the bike until the end of December. Which was just in time for the 2013 Nuclear Cowboyz tour. That started up the second week of January in Kansas City. There has been events every weekend since and they are going great. We’ve been having good crowds and its’ been a lot of fun riding with everyone! There are seven stops left on the tour and it wraps up the last weekend of April.

After that I plan on heading back to Massachusetts for a little while. I want to get back in the foam pit and learn some big tricks. I am really trying hard to get another invite to a Red Bull X–Fighters event and possibly some of the ESPN Summer X-Games now that they have international events. So wish me luck! Thanks for the support!