Ashley Chaffin

Ashley Chaffin

DOB: 7/25

Resides In: Valdez, Alaska

Snowmobile Type: Ski-Doo

Number of Years Riding: I have been riding my entire life

Tell us a little bit about your background in the snowmobile industry: I started riding with my Dad when I was really young. When I was 15, I started racing in the lower 48 and Alaska. After a couple of years racing, I started spending more and more time free riding and ended up really loving it. Now I spend all my winter time riding in the back country with my friends and filming.

What are your goals for the 2014-15 snowmobile season: Ride un-tracked deep powder, hit big jumps and land them all, burn a lot of gas, and have a lot of fun!

What other activities do you enjoy when you are not snowmobiling: Hanging out with my dogs, jet skiing, snow boarding, and BBQ’ing!

What do you consider your greatest memory from snowmobiling: Being honored by the Women in Sports Foundation as the first female athlete for snowmobiling.

Outside of Alaska, what other parts of the world have you been to ride: The Rockies and British Columbia. However, I stay pretty close to home because I was lucky enough to be born and raised in Valdez so I’ve always had some of the best riding in the world right in my back yard.

As a woman in snowmobiling, how did you go about setting yourself apart and paving the way for women in snowmobiling: Never worry what other people think. Being a female in the back country, you’re almost always going to be riding with a group of guys. Something I learned at a young age is to never be embarrassed or feel like you are going to look dumb in front of guys. Everybody gets stuck. Everybody wipes out. It shouldn’t be any different if you do it. Always try to set goals and push yourself to get better.

What is it about SCS Unlimited that interested you: The people are great and their graphics are the best in the industry!

Current Sponsors/Shout-Outs: Ski-Doo, SCS Unlimited, Dragon Alliance, Fox Shox, Fly Racing, AMDS, Truck Boss Sled Decks, Dave Smith Motors, Frontier Films, HMK, C&A Pro, and of course, my family.

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