Dave Norona

Dave Norona

DOB: 3/3/1970

Resides In: Squamish, British Columbia, Canada

Number of years riding: 8.5

Snowmobile Type: Ski-Doo Summit T3 163 and T3 174

Tell us a little bit about your background in the snowmobile industry: From age 18 to 35, I was a professional human powered athlete in Mountain Biking, Cross Country Skiing and Adventure Racing. When I retired from that, I bought a dirt bike, and a sled, and preceded to ride as much as I could. For the last 5 years I have ridden for BRP Ski-Doo, and have had more fun than any one person should!

What are your goals for the 2014-15 snowmobile season: Ride Deep BC Pow and do lots of Sled Skiing As well

What other activities do you enjoy when you are not snowmobiling: Mountain Biking, Kite Surfing, Dirt Biking, Trials Riding and Skiing

What do you consider your greatest memory from snowmobiling: The great thing about snowmobiling is all the amazing places, and people I get to ride with. It is these experiences that keep me entertained, and every trip is a new adventure, that is the best part!

Outside of British Columbia, what other parts of the world have you been to ride: Alaska, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Saratoga, Wyoming, Colorado, Quebec, Oregon, Washington

What is it about SCS Unlimited that interested you: SCS is a passionate company that creates works of art for sleds. The whole team of people behind the company are real riders, and are pumped to make a wicked product. That is why SCS wraps go on my sleds!

Current Sponsors/Shout-Outs: Ski-Doo, ABS Air Bag, PowerBar, Oakley, Mountain Hardwear, inReach, Earthx Batteries

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