A few words with FMX ripper Brody Wilson!

A few words with FMX ripper Brody Wilson!

SCS recently caught up with FMX ripper Brody Wilson in between tour stops on the insane Nuclear Cowboyz tour.  Check out what he had to say!

SCS: Brody, how are things going at the moment? BW: Things are going really good.  I've just been enjoying riding and traveling a lot.  Been super busy this year but having a lot of fun!

SCS: What has been going on with you in 2011? BW: 2011 has been all about the Nuclear Cowboyz tour so far.  I've had shows every weekend since New Years!

SCS:  Can you tell us a little bit more about the Nuclear Cowboyz tour and some of your upcoming shows? BW: The Nuclear Cowboyz is a fully choreographed show with 12 stops on the tour.  It is set in a post apocalyptic world where there is just a few surviving tribes of bikers that are battling each other for supremacy.  It's pretty crazy!  There are 12 FMX riders, 2 Quad Riders, 2 Trials Bike Riders and a group of acrobats and dancers.  Right now, I am in Kansas City and after this we just have shows left in San Diego, Ontario, Tacoma and Phoenix.

SCS: From what we have seen of the Nuclear Cowboyz tour it seems crazy, what do you like most about it? BW: Yeah, the tour is pretty wild.  At parts of it all 12 riders are out on the floor jumping and flipping with crazy lights and pyrotechnics going off!  My favorite part is probably just hanging out with everyone on the tour.  Usually we all just end up in the hotel bar after the shows messing around.  Every weekend has been a blast so far!

SCS: When that tour is finished what else do you have lined up for 2011? BW: After Nuclear Cowboyz, I start the Extreme Freestylers in Europe.  It is sort of an extreme sports and music show.  Right now there are only a few confirmed dates but more should be added soon.

SCS: You are originally from the East Coast, but have relocated to California.  How is that transition treating you? BW: Yeah, I am from Massachusetts but last winter I went out to California with my girlfriend and rented an apartment.  I went back home for the summer but came back to Cali as soon as it got cold.  We ended up renting a house this time.  It has been really cool out there.  There are so many different spots to ride.  Especially free riding spots.  There is really not anything like that on the East Coast.

SCS: Are we going to be seeing you competing at ESPN Summer X Games? BW: Hopefully yes!  I rode in Summer X this past year for my first time.  I am going to be trying my hardest to get invited back for 2011!

SCS: You came up to Montana a few months back and rode with Keith Sayers.  How did Montana treat you?  Seemed like you were stoked on the hits that Steve Haughelstine and Keith build?  Judging from the photos we would say so too! BW: Yeah, that was the first time I had rode in Montana.  I had been there a couple times before because that is actually where my girlfriend is from.  I like Montana a lot though!  It is so pretty there.  But those jumps that Keith and Steve built were sick!  Perfect for floating some big tricks over them!  I am hoping to make it back up there is summer!

SCS: How was the experience filming with Jay Schweitzer for On the Pipe 6?  Your segment turned out great! BW: Thanks!  I had an awesome time filming for that.  I got to ride so many different spots.  We filmed out in Reche Canyon, Taft, Bakersfield, the Wyvern Motorsports park which are all in California.  Then, we started a long road trip of filming!  From Cali, we drove up to Montana and hit Keith and Steve's jumps.  From there, we drove up to Alberta, Canada and got some shots at the Phillips compound.  After that, we drove all the way back to Massachusetts.  We were on a pretty tight schedule so I had to start riding as soon as we got there.  Jay rented a helicopter and filmed at my house for a day then at a gravel pit down the street from me the next day.  From there, we drove down to New Jersey to get a couple shots in a big sand pit.  So, I ended up driving all across the country and Canada for it.  We had a great time everywhere though, and I am definitely pumped on how my segment came out!

SCS: How are you liking the new SCS Moto Graphics? BW:  I like them a lot!  They look sick on my Cowboyz bike right now!  Can't wait to get them on all my bikes!

SCS:  Thanks for the time Brody and best of luck for the remainder of 2011.  Would you like to give shout outs to anyone? BW:   Thank you!  I would definitely like to thank all of my other sponsors....Fox, Pro Taper, FMF, Works Connection, Factory Connection, Mob Syndicate, Ethika and Alpinestars! [nggallery id=52]

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