Update from Keith Curtis after first race!

Update from Keith Curtis after first race!

Hello everyone, [singlepic id=1259 w=320 h=240 float=left]

Just wanted to give you all an update on the Bear Lake Hill climb event. First off, I want to mention I came into this race feeling more confident than I ever have, thanks to all of the support from my great sponsors. My sleds not only looked great, but they performed perfectly over the weekend and I couldn't have asked for any more. Friday was qualifying and it turned out in my favor, made it in all 5 classes. The hill had a fair amount of snow (twice as much as last year). There was a few long side hill sections, lots of corners, numerous holes and bumps. As for finals, it also went fairly well. My first class was 1000 stock and I was competing on my 2011 RMK Assault 800. There were fifteen finalists competing for the win. I ended up 2nd place behind Kyle Tapio, losing by 3 tenths of a second. My second class was Stock 600 and I competed on my 2011 RMK 600, I felt a little rough on this particular run but ended up 3rd behind Luke Rainey and Tony Zollinger. Stock 700 was my next class and I was ready to kick some butt! I won the class on my 2009 RMK 700, the sled is a ripper. After the win I decided I would walk the hill before competing in the most competitive class in the circuit, stock 800. I had my lines picked out and was ready to rally up the hill. I had a great run, but shortly after David Sharp Jr. pulled off a run that was a half second faster than mine so I ended up with another second. My last and final class was Modified 800, this is always a fun class. My 2011 RMK Assault 8 mod was at Boondockers Tuesday getting the turbo installed so I didn't have much of a chance to ride it, just a little testing. I was last up in the class and ended up beating Erin Beukelman by 2 tenths of a second for the win! Next was King runs, I was a little out powered on my 700 competing against three other 800's and a 600. I was first up and had and a fast, clean run but it wasn't fast enough getting beat out by a second and a half. Kyle Tapio ended up with the Stock King title. My Modified King run was quick, but a little rough. Erin Beukelman ended up with the Modified King. I am happy with the overall success of the first race but there is room for improvement! I am looking forward to the Afton Challenge Hillclimb race, February 25-27th. There are some action pictures attached!

Thanks and have a great day!

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